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DA Form 31 Leave Request Form   
If you are a Soldier and you want to go on leave then you need this Fillable DA Form 31 available for download. DA31 is also
available in Microsoft Word format If you can't view the DA Form 31 on this page then please download pure edge/lotus viewer here
If you are taking leave outside the Continental United States or OCONUS Leave the you should check with your S1 prior to
submitting your DA 31 because there may be many requirements that you must complete before your leave gets approved and can
take longer than 30 days so do it ASAP
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Download DA31 as pure edge file
Download DA31
Fill out, Print and Save DA 31 from
this page as Pure Edge/Lotus File
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Download in MS Word
Download as MS Word File
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This Soldier needs to be counseled and then smacked around a bit
Are your Soldiers out of control?
As Non Commissioned Officers, it is our
responsibility to counsel our Soldiers on a
monthly basis and when they fail to follow

Counseling Soldiers on a DA Form 4856 >>>
DA Form 31
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